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Salt Spreaders and Snow Plows

Snow Plows & Salt Spreaders

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve gotten just a small taste of wintery weather, but as the month progresses we’re sure to see more… more cold days, more snow and unfortunately more ice.

    If you’ve ever slipped and fallen on an icy driveway or sidewalk, you know how valuable a plow and some salt can be.  While we’re not in the business of clearing out driveways and salting parking lots ourselves, we CAN make that job easier for you by ordering and installing just about any type of snow blade and/or salt spreading system for your truck.

This winter, don’t let snow and ice catch you off guard.  Give the guys at Axleboy a call and let us help make your winter a little less hazardous.



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Salt Spreader on Truck

5 Winter Car Care Tips You Need to Know!

When temperatures drop below freezing, you wouldn’t even think about heading outside without a coat, or at least a few extra layers.  So, why would you expect your car to function just like it did all Summer without proper preparation?

At Axleboy Automotive, we specialize in complete car care and we want to make sure that you don’t find yourself stranded this winter season.  Here are 5 key areas that our automotive experts have identified to help keep you on the road.

1.Check and Change Your Tires

There’s nothing worse than feeling your car slide through a red light or into another lane and know that you have lost all control.  Under some circumstances, even the best tires cannot improve your traction, however many accidents can be avoided by checking two things: tire pressure and tread.  Making sure that your tires are properly inflated and that they have the right tread to handle rain, sleet and snow is critical to providing proper traction.

Many tire manufacturers recommend changing all four tires in the winter to “snow tires.”  These tires are specifically designed to be heavier which offers better performance in the winter season.

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2.Change Your Wiper Blades


Cold weather can cause old wipers to become brittle and hard, resulting in reduced contact with the windshield.  This is especially dangerous when the winter weather systems roll in, bringing snow and sleet with them.  When wiper blades don’t make full contact with the windshield it can result in streaking, smudging and ultimately reduced driver visibility.

3.Fill up on Coolant/ Antifreeze

Engine coolant does more than regulate engine temperatures in the summer.  What happens when you don’t use proper coolant ratios in the winter time?  Coolant, or antifreeze, contains ethylene glycol which is an integral component in protecting your engine from corrosion.  Without that protection, corrosion can build up inside the engine and eventually lead to failure or a cracked engine block.

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4.Test or Replace Your Battery


Most people have experienced, at some point, cold-induced battery problems.  Winter is especially hard on batteries and every year countless employees call in to work as a result of battery failure.  Why does this happen?  Cold weather does two things that can increase your frustration with the car battery.  First, it slows down the chemical reactions that create the battery’s power.  At zero degrees, a fully charged battery puts out less than 50% of its potential power capacity.  Second, the cold weather causes motor oil to thicken which ultimately means that it takes more power to get the engine moving.

If your battery isn’t holding a full charge or if it’s over 3 years old, you may want to consider changing out that battery for a new one before the cold weather really sets in.  At Axleboy Automotive, we check batteries at no cost.

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5.Get Your Brakes Checked


Whether you have noticed it or not, you drive different in the winter…often times because of the other drivers on the road.  It seems like anytime it rains or snows everyone else on the road forgets how to drive.  The time it takes to get to work suddenly doubles because of traffic accidents, drivers on the highway either turn into speed-demons or turtles and people seem to forget to use their mirrors or turn signals.  All of these conditions result in increased dependency on your braking system.  The last thing anyone expects is to be in a highway wreck, but when the brakes are worn and cold, it can increase the distance required to stop by up to 60%.

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