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Why We Put Off Auto Repairs and Service?

When it comes to car care, we believe that dependable cars are the ones that are well maintained.  There are a lot of reasons why vehicles may not receive the maintenance or repairs that they need in a timely manner.  We’ve found that people typically put off vehicle maintenance and repairs for one of three main reasons: Price, Forgetfulness & Denial.

Dollar Stretching Makes Cents…Right?

Last time we checked, the average person doesn’t drive around town looking for ways to put more money in their car.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  There are a number of ways that people attempt to cut short term costs, including: intentionally stretching service intervals, putting off minor repairs that do not effect immediate drivability (headlights, tail lights, rough idle) or waiting until they receive a discount coupon in the mail.

Regular oil changes, semi-annual tire rotations and other routine services can seem to add up relatively quick and it can be tempting to push them past the suggested limits.  In the short term, this offers car owners relatively little financial relief, and over time, creates a destructive habit that literally shaves years off the life of a vehicle.

It Just Slipped My Mind

Life is busy.  Between work, school, family responsibilities and social priorities our attention often focuses on the most critical items first…making it oh so easy to forget the basic maintenance needs of our vehicles.  If it’s not screaming for attention, it must be ok, right?

Every car owner wants to have that long-lasting dependable vehicle, the one that they can count on for that weekend getaway or that cross-country trek.  That is where Axleboy comes in.  We not only service and repair vehicles, but we also send out occasional service reminders, letting you know that it’s a good time to start thinking about scheduling routine maintenance.

No, It’s Supposed To Sound Like That

When you first notice a slight ticking sound in your car or a strange odor what do you do?  Without fail, there are always a few people who will just turn up the radio and pretend that there is nothing wrong.  To our knowledge, a self-repairing car has yet to be invented and from a historical standpoint, ignoring even minor issues can eventually grow into a situation that leaves the driver both stranded and frustrated.


At the end of the day, there will always be reasons why people don’t maintain or repair their vehicle…but if you want a vehicle you can count on, then regular service and maintenance are a must.  Let’s face it, all machines require a certain amount of work to keep them running.  The only question is who to trust under your hood.

Axleboy has the knowledge and reputation of dependability and integrity that you can rely on and we firmly believe that if you take care of your car, it will take care of you.  Schedule your routine service appointment today by calling (636)939-5337.

Prep for Summer Vacation

Have You Made Summer Plans?

 So you’ve made plans to head out of town and get away from the daily routine this summer?  Maybe you’re just taking a quick weekend getaway with that special someone.  Or perhaps you’re cashing in precious vacation time to venture out on a cross-country excursion.  Whatever the case may be, when you are looking for a chance to relax, you shouldn’t have to wonder about what’s going on under the hood.


Axleboy service manager, Randy Goodrich, can help you make this year’s vacation the best, most stress-free vacation yet with three simple steps.


Check Your Oil1. Check & Change the oil.  You can do it yourself or bring it in to Axleboy and we’ll do it for you.  Remember, oil is the life-blood of your engine, so if you are planning to do a fair amount of traveling this summer, give your vehicle a fresh start and avoid the damage that can result from running on old oil.


Get It Checked Out

2. Get a 30-Point Courtesy Inspection.  At Axleboy, when you have any service done, we offer a free 30-point courtesy inspection. Much like a sports physical, we check all the most obvious elements of your vehicle to ensure proper function and ability to perform. Our inspection looks specifically at belts, hoses, bolts, fluid levels and wipers to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition.  Did we mention that this inspection is free?
Tire Rotation

3. Rotate your tires.  To help make your tires last longer, we recommend getting into the habit of rotating your tires at every other oil change. Not only does this help balance the wear on your tread, but it also provides an opportunity to inspect brakes, axles and suspension items that may otherwise go unnoticed.


The last thing you want to do on vacation is spend all day stranded at an unfamiliar auto shop.  Let Axleboy help put your mind at ease with these quick and inexpensive services, so you can enjoy every bit of your hard earned vacation time.


Schedule your appointment today by calling (636)939-5337 or sending us a message online.

Tire Care Aware

As Americans we want to get the most use out of every investment and it is not uncommon for us to push things (like tires) to their limits.  Is it any surprise that in 2012 the Car Care Council found that 10 percent of vehicles had excessive wear and were in need of replacement?  According to Randy Goodrich, service manager at Axleboy Automotive, “Tires are one of the easiest things for the average person to check and yet they are the most neglected.”

It only takes a few minutes to check tires.  The experts at Axleboy suggest three critical components to be aware of:

Tire Pressure: Maintaining appropriate tire pressure is not only helps ensure even wear, giving your tires a longer life, it is also proven to improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%.  Checking tire pressure is a quick and easy process that could save drivers hundreds of dollars each year.

Tread Depth: Tread is what keeps tires from slipping while turning corners or driving in wet conditions.  If tread depth measures below the minimum legal limits or if the rubber has started to crack, it may be unsafe to operate the vehicle.  If you’ve never heard of the “penny test” stop by Axleboy and one of our experts will show you to do this test yourself.

Alignment:  If your vehicle consistently pulls to one side or you experience stronger than normal shaking, you may have an issue with the alignment.  A vehicle that is not properly aligned is not only uncomfortable to drive, but it can also lead to premature, uneven tread wear.  Under normal driving conditions, the Car Care Council recommends “hav[ing] your car’s alignment checked at least once a year.”

In addition to being attentive to tire pressure, tread depth and vehicle alignment, Scott Carline, owner of Axleboy Automotive, suggests rotating the tires every 6,000-8,000 miles.  “Many people are not even aware that their front and rear tire tread wears down at a different rate,” says Scott.  “Generally, rotating tires at every other oil change can help minimize uneven wear and allow drivers to realize the full life expectancy of their tires.”


Schedule your next automotive service today and we’ll show you what to look for when assessing the tires on your vehicle.