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Fall Re-Gear Special

Where’s the Power?

Congratulations on upgrading your Wrangler with a lift and bigger tires! Now your Jeep can take you over bigger obstacles to even better destinations, but at what cost?  We’re not referring to dollars and cents.  We’re talking broad spectrum performance and driving power!  If you’re like us, your Jeep is more than just an off-road toy.  It’s also your daily driver, grocery-getter and yes, sometimes even a mall crawler.

Let’s face it, that factory 3.21 or 3.73 differential gear ratio just doesn’t have what it takes to keep your new oversize tires turning at highway speeds without help from the transmission, downshifting and hunting for gears at even the slightest incline.  So what’s the next step?

Here’s the Deal

Hands down, the most effective way to reclaim lost power and keep your Jeep running more efficiently is to upgrade the differential gear ratio to something that will deliver optimal performance (typically 4.56:1, 4.88:1, or 5.13:1, etc).  At Axleboy Off-Road, gears are our specialty, and for Jeeps, a service of this nature would cost roughly $2400.  In celebration of Fall weather, we’re happy to provide the following, limited-time offer:

Fall Axle Re-Ratio Special

That’s right! We’re taking more than $500 off the regular price to get your Jeep back in optimal driving condition with a new ring and pinion, master install kit and associated labor on both axles all for just $1850.  This offer is so good, that it cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.  If you’ve got questions, Axleboy has got answers, so give us a call. 636-939-5337.  Offer expires 10/31/18.

We Are Hiring

Axleboy is Hiring

Our shop foreman will be taking new responsibilities in the service department and that is going to leave us under-staffed in the shop.  If you think you’re qualified to fill this void, check out the job description below and email us a copy of your resume.


Title: Technician

Wages: $18-25 per hour

Daily Responsibilities:

We are a FULL service automotive maintenance and repair shop specializing in suspension and drivetrain components.  This means that our employees must be versatile enough to re-gear a differential, install a lift kit (we do a lot of this), diagnose electrical issues, weld and even change oil and balance tires once in a while.  In no way is this a comprehensive list of responsibilities, but it should give you an idea of what we do.


  • ASE Certified
  • Diagnose Electrical
  • Must be self-motivated & able to work without close supervision
  • Quality driven
  • Experience working on:  Driveline, Axles and Manual Transmissions
  • Must be able to drive vehicles with standard transmission
  • Read, comprehend and follow instructions*


  • No weekend work
  • Competitive base pay with performance incentives
  • Ongoing training
  • Modern equipment
  • Fun place to WORK
  • Comprehensive Health/Dental/Life Insurance
  • Shop leadership opportunities may be available
  • Involvement with the Jeep and off-road lifestyle

Disclaimer:  If you are looking for an easy job… just screwing in spark plugs, hanging water pumps and changing brakes… then this is not the place for you.


*To apply, email your resume to: axleboy@axleboy.com


Check Engine Warning

The Check Engine Light

The Light is On

You’re ready to leave work, so you go out to your car and turn the key…or push the button.  Typically all of your dash lights will turn on for a second and then turn off.  This time however, you notice an obnoxious yellow light continuing to illuminate your dash…the dreaded “check engine” light.   What the heck, right!?

If you’re like me, seeing that check engine light on can initially feel pretty aggravating.  Once the realization sets in that the light is still on, one of two very different personalities tend to emerge.  Personality ‘A’ will call or text family and friends, and vent their frustration all over social media.  Personality ‘B’ on the other hand will feel upset by the light but ultimately ignore it in the hopes that it will turn off on its own.

Just because the check engine light comes on, doesn’t mean that you have to immediately stop whatever you are doing but by the same token, ignoring the light altogether is a good way to make things worse.


At Axleboy, we want to help alleviate some of the anxiety surrounding the check engine light.  To do that, we’ll do our best to answer two questions:


What’s the deal with the check engine light?

Ever since the 80’s, onboard diagnostic (OBD) systems, inside the vehicle, have monitored and controlled more and more going on under the hood.  The OBD system checks things like engine speed, ignition timing, and fuel mixture.  Whenever one of these things isn’t working just right, the OBD is programmed to bring things back into balance and optimize engine performance.

The check engine light doesn’t trip unless the OBD has identified a problem, attempted to correct it and the problem persists.  This light can come on for something as little as a loose gas cap (easy fix) or as big as an engine that is misfiring (not so easy to fix).


What should I do now?

Take a couple of deep breaths…you’ll be okay.  Now, if the light just came on, and it’s not flashing, there’s no need to panic.  You might even try tightening the gas cap just to see if it’s an easy fix (this actually happen quite often).  If the light doesn’t go off after a few miles, consider making an appointment at Axleboy.  Our OBDII certified technicians can read the trouble codes stored in the vehicle and tell you what will correct the problem.

If, however, the check engine light is flashing, something may be critically wrong inside the engine and it would be in your best interest to get your vehicle checked out ASAP.


When you need auto service, you know who to call.  Axleboy, (636)939-5337.

It’s in Our Name


Out on the asphalt and up in the air,

Found on them rails rollin’ everywhere,

Down every road and out on the range,

 Playin’ in the dirt, on things quite strange.

They help move things from here to there,

They keep it all rolling without much care.

TA, Planetary, Axletech,

Rockwell, Dana, custom spec.

When you need help with somethin’ great or small

Just pick up your phone and give us a call.

Tractors, trucks, cars, trains & airplanes too.

Because fixing up axles is what we do.




Axleboy Logo

Axle Remanufacturing

Re-Think Axleboy

Axleboy has a reputation for delivering consistent, quality axle workmanship that is built upon 10 years of experience and backed by countless off road vehicles & national reconditioning contracts.

Whether it’s a Jeep, truck, tractor, tug or train, if it has an axle, the work we do can add strength and longevity to life of your equipment.

When it comes to axle failure, the symptoms are fairly obvious, and easy to observe…loud grinding noises, massive break, or lack of engagement between the gears and axle.  Discovering the source of problems and then accurately correcting the issue requires a lot more time and effort.


Built to LastTug GT_50

Under normal circumstances replacing broken parts is not an overly complicated task…unless you are dealing with 40, 50 and 60+ year old industrial equipment.  The great thing about most TA-267, Shuttlewagon, Trackmobile, GT-50 and other Planetary axles is that they were built to last.  Unfortunately many of these axles have lasted so long, that now it is almost impossible to find replacement parts, let alone a service manual.

Our technicians know axles inside & out and are trained to do more than simple replacements.  We also provide them with access to an entire machine shop where they have the ability to custom manufacture out-of-production components and develop innovative solutions to keep things rolling.  We do everything from troubleshooting to total overhauls and have even developed a custom disc-brake conversion kit for the TA-267 tug axle.


Call the Experts

Don’t let our simple shop-front deceive you.  Axleboy is much more than just another auto shop.  We are the axle experts.  Whether it’s a Jeep, truck, tractor, tug or train our experts are fully qualified to maintain, repair and modify almost any axle to meet your needs.


Before you scrap that axle, know all your options.  Call us toll free at 877-295-3269 to consult with Scott Carline, owner and axle expert at Axleboy.

Prep for Summer Vacation

Have You Made Summer Plans?

 So you’ve made plans to head out of town and get away from the daily routine this summer?  Maybe you’re just taking a quick weekend getaway with that special someone.  Or perhaps you’re cashing in precious vacation time to venture out on a cross-country excursion.  Whatever the case may be, when you are looking for a chance to relax, you shouldn’t have to wonder about what’s going on under the hood.


Axleboy service manager, Randy Goodrich, can help you make this year’s vacation the best, most stress-free vacation yet with three simple steps.


Check Your Oil1. Check & Change the oil.  You can do it yourself or bring it in to Axleboy and we’ll do it for you.  Remember, oil is the life-blood of your engine, so if you are planning to do a fair amount of traveling this summer, give your vehicle a fresh start and avoid the damage that can result from running on old oil.


Get It Checked Out

2. Get a 30-Point Courtesy Inspection.  At Axleboy, when you have any service done, we offer a free 30-point courtesy inspection. Much like a sports physical, we check all the most obvious elements of your vehicle to ensure proper function and ability to perform. Our inspection looks specifically at belts, hoses, bolts, fluid levels and wipers to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition.  Did we mention that this inspection is free?
Tire Rotation

3. Rotate your tires.  To help make your tires last longer, we recommend getting into the habit of rotating your tires at every other oil change. Not only does this help balance the wear on your tread, but it also provides an opportunity to inspect brakes, axles and suspension items that may otherwise go unnoticed.


The last thing you want to do on vacation is spend all day stranded at an unfamiliar auto shop.  Let Axleboy help put your mind at ease with these quick and inexpensive services, so you can enjoy every bit of your hard earned vacation time.


Schedule your appointment today by calling (636)939-5337 or sending us a message online.

Axleboy Featured in Industry Magazine

We were recently featured in Parts and People Magazine!

Axleboy’s reman business booms with products as good or better than originals

Thu, 04/26/2012 – 16:41 | by Steve Birmingham

St. Peters, Mo.—What is old is new again at Axleboy Enterprises’ remanufacturing division, which adds new life to end-of-life components by mixing big production ideas with small-business agility, Owner Scott Carline said.

As a successful full-service and off-road shop, Carline said Axleboy searched for additional revenue streams when the economy began to sour and entered general auto and truck repair as a CARQUEST Tech-Net Professional Service Center. Axleboy Remanufacturing soon followed, he said, which now refurbishes steering, drive axles, and gear-driven components, specializing in light truck and airport ground services equipment.

“Remanufacturing now represents 70 percent of our business,” Carline said.

He also stressed that using remanufactured parts leads to a “greener” environment.

“In the original manufacturing process, it’s necessary to extract ore out of the ground, then it has to go to a foundry and be poured,” he said. “At Axleboy’s we recover 60 to 80 percent of that energy used during the casting process by remanufacturing products.”

Carline said his customers realize savings by purchasing remanufactured parts because a remanufactured axle is easier to install and a more complete product, compared to a new one that has to be finalized with all its necessary additional components to make it functional. Remanufactured parts can also be improved from the original, he added.

“Axleboy’s remanufactured casings and parts are equal to, or better than, original parts when they leave our shop,” said Carline, who cited the use of unseasoned cases as the cause of many bearing failures he sees, even after a bearing has been replaced in an original housing.

Lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing has led to a reduced seasoning time, whereas in the past, axle manufacturers would let assembled housings age in a yard, he said. The aging process would allow the housings to expand and contract and finally settle on a permanent set of dimensions, but with lean manufacturing, the housings can “practically come right out of welding to assembly and right onto the OEM for install, Carline said.

As a result, the housings get put into service without ever settling on their final dimensions. “When we take a seasoned housing, it has undergone countless heat-up and cool-down cycles, and the sizing is locked and not likely to change. The result is a more permanent build with little fluctuation in sizing,” he said.

Axleboy produced 800 remanufactured axles in 2011 on equipment designed and built in-house, Carline said. The 9,000-square-foot shop also has a BrakeQuip brake hose machine that allows them to build brake lines from scratch at any length and of any material, he said. The machine allows them to make a brake hose in a “matter of minutes” and enables them to deliver remanufactured axles to its customers that are completely assembled and ready to install.

“The sheer volume of our remanufacturing makes us one of the largest bearing and differential distributors in the area,” he said, “which gives us the ability to stock and resell differential and driveline parts more competitively than the average parts store or driveline vendor.

“What we’re doing now in the remanufacturing line is similar to some other remanufacturers, where we have products stocked that we sell on an exchange basis.”

Axleboy employs 10 technicians, two of whom work in general repair and the remainder on the remanufacturing side, he said. His general repair technicians are ASE certified and all his remanufacturing technicians are Timken certified, said Carline, adding that he is a master auto, master medium/heavy truck, and master truck equipment specialist, as well as automotive L1, automotive service advisor, and parts specialist.

Carline said he developed what he calls a “cellular reconditioning facility” to remanufacture drive axles and steering axles. The triangular-shaped cellular reconditioning facility includes a teardown area (or cell), a bearing pull area, and an assembly area, each staffed by a technician, he said. A holding area is located in the middle, where parts are placed once they’re torn down, taken for cleaning, and moved to the assembly area.

“That way, with the holding area, the rear axles keep their identity, and all its parts go back into it,” he said. “Unlike front axles, the rears have more precision measurements, so we think it’s more important to keep those together.”

Carline said Axleboy is taking more of a manufacturer and recovery approach to what they are doing, rather than a field approach an average technician would be expected to perform. The difference is considerable, he said.

“The field approach isn’t efficient, and we find it easier to do an exchange unit in our own environment than it is to do field repair,” Carline said. “In the field, it would take days for a rebuild without the proper holding fixtures and equipment because the parts are so awkward and heavy to deal with — there are time and cost savings, as well as improved accuracy.”

Carline said supplying area parts houses with his products and parts is in the process of being implemented but is not yet fully realized.

Aircraft Maintenance Stand Spindle Repair | GSE Steering and Axle Repairs

This aircraft maintenance stand suffered from repeated steering knuckle and spindle failures. Our GSE axle specialist machined the broken spindle from the steering knuckle, and pressed and welded an upgraded 3500lb spindle into it’s place. We fix airport ground services equipment axles, differentials and steering. We distribute GSE axle parts and braking systems.

spindle_2   spindle_3