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Axleboy Now Recycling

One Can At A Time

We do a lot of awesome stuff at Axleboylift kits, regears, engine swaps, part sales, routine maintenance and a whole lot more.  In a recent staff meeting, we were discussing what things we could do better, and one idea that came up was “reducing the amount of waste” (referring to material items).

We drink a lot of tea, soda and (sometimes) Monster throughout the day and those aluminum cans have always been tossed out with all the other “trash.”  Not any more though!  Everyone at Axleboy is doing their part to ensure that our aluminum cans stay out of the landfill.

If you come in to Axleboy, you’ll now see that we have little blue recycle cans in the waiting area and behind the counter, and we have a 55 gallon bin in the shop, so that aluminum cans can be collected and recycled.  It might not be much in the grand scheme of things, but every little bit helps keep this world awesome.

Lifted Jeep

Is a Bigger Jeep Better?

Stock to StudWhen you are trying to decide if a bigger Jeep is really better for you, you are likely to get suggestions and advice from friends, family and other Jeepers.  These are great sources to get the gears turning and once you’ve got a general idea of what you want, come out to Axleboy and talk Jeep.  Our experts are glad to discuss the pros, cons of any project and put together an accurate estimate to turn your dream Jeep into reality.


Quite frankly, bigger tires go over bigger rocks.  Bigger engines deliver more power to climb, crawl and roll.  And if you’ve ever been stuck in a ditch, you know just how valuable a good sized winch can be.

Like most things in life, there is a certain amount of trade-off when deciding how you want your jeep to look and ride.  Incidentally, those bigger tires and a bigger engine also create more drag and suck down more gas than similar stock Jeeps…but you didn’t buy a Jeep based on fuel economy.

Ultimately, when the time comes and you find yourself debating whether or not to go big, there’s just one question that could help you reach a definitive conclusion: “How do you see yourself using this vehicle in the future?”

Keep it Stock

Perhaps you’re just looking for something to make you look good on the pavement.  Stock Jeeps generally look good right off the lot and there are several ways to enhance that natural look while customizing it to your personal taste.

The guys at Axleboy can add floodlights, tail-light grills or convert your Jeep to a soft-top.  These are all great ways to customize your ride without going overboard on the budget or losing that classic Jeep look.

Add A Little Lift

If there is any possibility of leaving the pavement then we suggest considering at least a 2-4” lift kit and tires with a thicker wall.  The TeraFlex 2” Budget Boost lift kit is one of the most popular lifts for light off-road activity and we often pair it with a 31×10.50 tire.

This gives your vehicle just a little more ground clearance and enough durability that you won’t have to worry about puncturing the tires when you roll over small rocks and branches.

Wilderness Warrior

If you are a wilderness warrior, spending more time off-road than on the pavement, then bigger is definitely the way to go.  The Axleboy experts know that durable tires, high quality suspension, a winch, tire carrier and custom gears are more than accessories.  They are necessities that you rely on every time you head into the great outdoors.

Whether your style is stock, off-road adventurer or somewhere in between, Axleboy has the parts, the professionals and the experience to make your SUV dreams come true.

When you are ready to customize your Jeep, stop by or call Axleboy at: (636) 939-JEEP and get the job done right.