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What Tire is Right for You and Your Vehicle?

There are a lot of different tire manufacturers, tire sizes and tire styles, so how do you know which tire is right for your vehicle?

For most cars and unmodified trucks, we recommend turning to the owner’s manual or the vehicle tire placard that is usually located in the drivers door jamb.  The tire placard will identify the size of the tires (including the spare) that were installed on the vehicle from the manufacturer. In many cases, it may also specify weight and speed ratings.

For safety reasons, owners of modified vehicles (lifted trucks or Jeeps) should consult with an automotive professional before changing tire brands or sizes.  The service advisors at Axleboy have been trained to make quality recommendations based on your driving style and performance needs.

In general, we recommend that all four tires be replaced at the same time for continued optimal vehicle performance. This is especially true on AWD, 4WD and Full Time 4WD vehicles.

New tires with deeper tread typically provide more traction and evacuate water more effectively. This  is important when driving in wet conditions where a vehicle is more likely to approach a hydroplane condition. In addition, good traction on the rear axle is proven to help prevent oversteer conditions  during sudden maneuvers in all weather conditions.

Contact Axleboy today for additional information or to schedule an appointment for tire replacement. 

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