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Why Axleboy Recommends Rotor Services With Every Brake Job

When we match rotors to your vehicle using the Pro-Cut rotor matching system, we can eliminate all ‘lateral run-out’ (a fancy term for wobble) down to less than the thickness of a human hair. Check out the video below or continue reading for further explanation as to why this is important and how it can save you money.

Why is that important?

When a brake rotor doesn’t spin true (meaning it wobbles), that rotor will make unwanted contact with the brake pads twice with each revolution…even when your foot isn’t even on the brake pedal.  Over time this rubbing causes the brake rotor to become unevenly thick, resulting in unwanted pedal pulsation and affecting overall performance and life span of the braking system.

By the same token, when rotors have been matched to your vehicle’s axles, your brake pads and rotors will last longer and your stopping distance (how long it takes to stop a moving vehicle) will decrease by a significant amount.

If we can get to a rotor before a significant amount of damage has been done, we may still be able to use the Pro-Cut system to restore a true rotation and save you the cost of buying all new rotors.  That’s fewer good rotors in the landfill and more cash staying in your pocket.

What can be done?

We recommend going to a shop near you (like Axleboy Off-Road…hint hint) that uses Pro-Cut rotor matching technology for your next brake job. It’s as easy as that!

What’s a Certified RMS Center?

Certified RMS (Rotor Matching Service) Centers receive additional training, have the most modern equipment, and have fully integrated rotor matching into their brake service process in order to provide the finest brake job possible!