St. Louis Jeep Repair

St. Louis Jeep Repair

Axleboy Automotive offers the best Jeep service in St. Louis and surrounding areas!

It’s More Than a Jeep Thing, It’s a Lifestyle

We get it. You don’t want some general auto-repair guy turning bolts under your custom built, one-of-a-kind Jeep. You want someone who knows and understands the Jeep lifestyle; someone who works on Jeeps every day; someone with a proven track-record of delivering quality aftermarket upgrades and repairs.

Axleboy Off-Road is the place for you. We have Factory Gold-Certified Jeep mechanics and dedicated parts professionals who can find, fix and install just about anything that belongs on, in or under a Jeep. We use the same tools, the same training, and in many cases, the same techniques as your local dealer. The difference is in our proficiency and your overall experience.

Since many of our salesmen and service technicians own Jeeps, and 95% of our business is Jeep based, we can give fact-based, time-tested recommendations that will keep your Jeep going in a good direction.  At Axleboy, you’ll receive up front pricing, estimates that are honored and high-quality results from an entire crew of Jeep enthusiasts that want to make your day awesome.

Stop by or set up an appointment today, and see the Axleboy Off-Road difference.

Does Your Jeep Like Rocks and Dirt?

Every weekend, across the nation, Jeeps take their drivers off the beaten path and into the wild outdoors.  You might be into crawling over boulders or taking an old dirt road to your favorite fishing hole. Whatever the case may be, if your Jeep keeps finding it’s way off-road, we invite you to check out our Off-Road page.