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Not all alignments are created equal…

“Their” alignments vs. Axleboy Precision Alignments

There is a significant difference in the amount of time and quality that go into a precision alignment vs. the retail shop alignment.  We should know, since most of our technicians have worked at dealerships and/or retail chain shops over the course of our automotive career.

Set Toe and Let It Go

On the chain store side of things, offering inexpensive or free maintenance alignments is considered a “loss leader”. This service is designed specifically to get vehicles on the rack and allow technicians to hunt for opportunities to up-sell more expensive services.  So, for $49.95 the typical high pace shop will check for major issues with ball joints or other steering components, then set toe and let it go.  Some shops may even print out readings or show you green lights on a machine…but is that good enough for you?

Precision Alignment Done Right

The Axleboy Precision Alignment measures the entire chassis for Squareness, Offset, Thrust Angle, SAI, Combined Angle, Scrub Radius, Camber, Caster, Toe, Bump Steer, Toe Out on Turns, and more. Each angle is carefully measured and analyzed to ensure you have the safest ride possible and get the longest life out of your new tires.

Axleboy Automotive uses the latest Hunter Wheel Alignment Winalign 12.0 with full feature and code link steering sensor upgrades. There is no guessing going on here, it’s professional  and it’s precision.

Basic Thrust Angle Alignments start at $125.95

4 Wheel Alignments start at $149.95
Full Chassis Setup and Modified Vehicles start at $189.95
Qulaity Alignment for Your Jeep, Truck, SUV or Car

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