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Axleboy Off-Road & Automotive Provides Premium Lube, Oil, and Filter Services

Oil changes are critical to keep your engine running smooth. Oil keeps your engine lubricated and combats friction and wear on the moving parts. The oil helps cool your engine, while fighting corrosion, and reducing engine noise.  When you drive your car, your engine becomes hot, and starts to break down the oil.   Oil helps keep your engine clean as the oil flows around it. When it becomes dirty, the oil moves slower and is not able to lubricate and cool your engine.

Plan to change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles unless otherwise recommended by your original vehicle manufacturer.

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What is done while performing an oil change at Axleboy Automotive?

  1. Oil is drained
  2. The oil filter is replaced
  3. Suspension and Grease fittings are lubricated
  4. Vehicles are filled with up to 5qts of synthetic blend motor oil. (unless otherwise specified from the OE manufacturer)
  5. Tire pressures are adjusted
  6. Fluid levels are checked and topped off
  7. Complete 30 point courtesy inspection (think of it as a health checkup for your Jeep/truck/car)

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Axleboy oil change service

We also check and top off fluids, adjust tires, and perform a 30 point courtesy inspection to ensure your vehicle is in top notch condition.