Rebuild vs Salvage Yard

When you’ve got a vehicle that needs a new rear axle then you’ll probably considered three primary options: A crate remanufactured unit, Local rebuild/remanufacture or Salvage parts from the junk yard.  Each option has distinct advantages worth considering.

Crate Remanufactured Units

Crate remanufactured units from a national distributor are great because they are typically clean and come ready to install right out of the box.  If you have about $3000 to spend on parts alone, this option will definitely have your vehicle back on the road faster than alternative options.

Local Rebuild/Remanufacturing

Local rebuild/remanufacturing costs considerably less than purchasing a crate unit.  When folks choose to take this route, we take the existing axle assembly and replace only the broken or worn components.  The only drawback to this option is that axle tear-down, diagnosis and rebuild can be time consuming.

Salvage Yard Units

Salvage yard units typically have the cheapest advertised sticker price (roughly 1/2 the cost of remanufacturing) , a limited warranty and a fresh coat of paint to make it look nice on the outside.  Unfortunately, our experience has been that these units tend to look good on the outside (thank you paint!) but rarely arrive ready to install.  In fact, many salvage units (like the one seen below) may ultimately end up costing more than the other options.

Considering a salvage-yard rear axle? Watch this video first.

In this video, Scott Carline, President of Axleboy, inspects a ‘Grade-A’ salvage yard rear axle and exposes several elements that should be considered when deciding to rebuild or buy salvaged parts.