Colby Emergency Valve System

If you’ve ever broken a valve stem while you were on the trail, you know how frustrating it can be to have limited options. Traditionally those options have been to: 1) Change your tire or 2) Take your chances riding on the rim. Both of these options present a serious inconvenience and potentially high financial cost.

Axleboy is happy to share a third and better option by introducing the Colby Emergency Valve Replacement System. Check out our video review and product demonstration below to see just how effective and easy this system is to use. We love the fact that no tools are required to install this product.

Colby Valve Review and Product Demonstration

Step 1: Remove the damaged valve stem.

Step 2: Insert the Colby Emergency Valve replacement all the way up to the rubber lip.

Step 3: Screw down the twisty thing on top until it is snug.

*Keep in mind that this is the Emergency Valve Replacement System, designed for short-term use, to get you safely off the trail. Colby does offer a long-term solution that requires only a few basic tools to install.

To purchase a set of Colby Valves or get pricing, stop by our shop in O’Fallon, Missouri or call Axleboy Off-Road at 636-939-5337