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Axleboy Off-road sponsors many 4×4 and Jeep clubs in the Midwest, with strong ties to Midwest Jeepthing, Capital City Crawlers, Jeeping Mid Rivers, Hannibal Rocks, Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch (SMORR), Flat Nasty, and Asymetric Solutions (Washita)…so there is almost always something going on over the weekend.

Wheeling at Sayersbrook


  • May 13th- Hawg Pit BBQ Jeep Show (618 Jeeps)
  • May 20th- Camp Hope (MWJT)


  • June 2-4- Jeeping Mid Rivers Crusade (JMR)
  • June 3rd- Misfit Toys Car Show for Autism
  • June 5th- Midwest Jeepthing Club Meeting (6:30pm)
  • June 10th- Jeep Show at Cassens and Sons
  • June 13th- Jeeping Mid Rivers Club Meeting (7:00pm)


  • July 10th- Midwest Jeepthing Club Meeting (6:30pm)
  • July 11th-  Jeeping Mid Rivers Club Meeting (7:00pm)
  • July 21st- GenRight 4×4 Night St. Louis! (7:30pm)
  • July 29th- Underground Jeep Crawl (Crystal City, MO)


  • August 7th- Midwest Jeepthing Club Meeting (6:30pm)
  • August 8th- Jeeping Mid Rivers Club Meeting (7:00pm)


  • September 4th- Midwest Jeepthing Club Meeting (6:30pm)
  • September 12th- Jeeping Mid Rivers Club Meeting (7:00pm)
  • September 15-17- Jeepstock at SMORR (MWJT)


It’s a Jeep Thing…