Jeeps We Have Lifted 3+ Inches

3-Inch+ Suspension Lift & More

One-half of an inch might not seem like much of a difference, but when it comes to lifting a Jeep, making the leap from 2.5 inches to 3 inches is significant in many ways.  At three inches we’re looking at upgrading the control arms and trackbar and the possibility of adding either 4 or 8 flexarms.  In addition to installing more parts, we also take a serious look at driveline geometry, replacing at least the front driveshaft and, in many cases, the rear driveshaft as well.

Some of the qualities we love about the 3″ lift include:

  • Comfortably accommodate 35″ tires (up to 37″ with additional modifications)
  • Additional suspension travel
  • Excellent for moderate wheeling
  • A big look that still fits in the garage
  • Smooth ride quality on and off road

Other qualities to consider before going 3 inches or more:

  • Drive line and suspension stress is elevated
  • Bigger lifts have more parts and are therefore more expensive and take longer to install
  • Re-gearing the differentials may be required (assuming intentions to run larger tires)
  • A new drive shaft will most likely be needed


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