10 Family Destinations

10 Great Places to Spend the Day Around St. Louis

We all need a break now and then…just a brief change of pace. For millions of families that much needed break comes each summer when the kids are out of school and schedules are easier to negotiate. Until then, there are plenty of day-trips or weekend getaways close to home.

The guys at Axleboy compiled the following list of 10 family friendly things to do when you need a break in St. Louis.


St. Louis Zoo: With over 19,800 wild animals on 90 acres of beautifully landscaped habitat and free general admission, is it any wonder that the St. Louis Zoo sees more than 3 million visitors each year? The St. Louis Zoo features species from all types of climates, ranging from arctic tundra to tropical rain-forests, and is sure to take your breath away.


Grant’s Farm: Conveniently located just south of St. Louis, Grant’s Farm covers 281 acres of land and is home to over 900 animals. Feed the pigmy goats, watch a live elephant performance and see over 100 different species of animals. Grant’s Farm has something for everyone, and with free admission to the park, the price is unbeatable.


Botanical Gardens: If you are in the mood for a casual stroll or a quiet place to reflect, the Botanical Garden is in full bloom and provides a perfectly tranquil place to invoke peaceful thoughts. Access to the gardens is free on Saturdays from 9:00-Noon for St. Louis City/County residents. General admission for non-residents is free for kids under the age of 13 and $8 for adults (ages 13 & over).


Katy Trail: Over 230 miles of scenic trails following the old MKT rail lines from just outside St. Louis clear over to Clinton, Missouri. Of course, you can ride, run or walk as much or as little as you like and take in the beautiful scenery of the Missouri River and countryside.



City Museum: The perfect place to go with a group or take your family, City Museum is riddled with secret passageways, slides, interesting artifacts and hours of exploration & adventure. City Museum is designed to be enjoyed by children of all ages, and for only $12 per person, admission is well worth the experience.


St. Louis Art Museum: Located in the heart of Forest Park, the St. Louis Art Museum offers visitors a unique glimpse of both classic and contemporary art forms from around the world. Stroll through galleries filled with images from the European renaissance era, discover ancient masques and mummified remains from Africa and allow yourself to reflect on the subliminal meanings of several abstract compilations.


St. Louis Science Center: Explore the outer limits of space. Help archaeologists uncover prehistoric dinosaur bones. Learn about keystones and team up to construct a scaled version of the Gateway Arch. Discover the inner workings of electronics, the human body and chemical reactions. General admission to the St. Louis Science Center is free and offers a wide variety of hands-on learning experience for scientists of all ages.


The Magic House: Located on Kirkwood Rd just South of Manchester this is the perfect place to experience hands-on learning for children ages 1 to 10. Kids are encouraged to experiment and develop critical thinking skills along with a keen sense of curiosity. For $9.50 per guest, you and your family can climb a giant bean-stalk, unravel a mystery, play in our water-works room, learn about the government, and do countless other activities.


Outdoor Exploration: Get up close and personal with nature on one of many hiking and bicycling trails that pass through forests, past food plots, and near historic WWII munitions bunkers at Busch Wildlife Conservation Area. Hike the trails, photograph the abundant nature, fish in one of 28 beautiful lakes or just relax in the shade of a tree. There is plenty to do and see at the Busch Wildlife Conservation Area.


Take a Float Trip: Bring your own tube or rent a raft and take a refreshing trip down the Upper Meramec, Huzzah or Courtois rivers. These slow-moving rivers provide the perfect weekend opportunity for friends and family to soak up the sun and have some fun while the current does all the work.


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